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Marcus et Nautus: Fabula II

This is one of a series of stories about Marcus canis and Nautus fēlēs created by Latin Family member Andrew B. in May and June 2017.

Marcus et Nautus: Fabula III

In the last Marcus et Nautus story, the Paccius family and the Lollius family were at the public baths, but in the middle of swimming, Marcus and Nautus escaped and were accidentally toppled by Brutus. When they opened their eyes, they noticed that they were in the porch of the house that belongs to the Valerius family. By that time, the Paccius and Lollius families have left the baths and went to their houses. But for Marcus and Nautus, they just went in the house and are very glad to be home. This is the third Marcus et Nautus story, Marcus et Nautus fabula III:

Marcus et Nautus: Fabula IV

This story was also created by Latin Family member Andrew B in July 2017.  It also features Marcus canis and Nautus fēlēs.

Magnedus serpens

This story sequence was also created by Latin Family member Andrew B in July 2017.

Multae Familiae Romanae

in urbe Herculāneō est domus, ubi Valerius cum familiā habitat.  Valerius cīvis Rōmānus est, et Caelia cīvis Rōmāna est.
Valerius est marītus, et Caelia est uxor.  Valerius paterfamiliās est, et Caelia māterfamiliās est.  Valeria est fīlia, et Lūcius est fīlius.  Caeliola est fīlia.  Valeria soror est, et Caeliola soror est.  Lūcius frāter est.
Ferox canis est.  Medūsa quoque canis est.  Milphiō servus est, et Gallicus coquus est.  Casina ancilla est.  Valerius est dominus, et Caelia domina est.

De Personis: Octavius Pompeius Taurus

This story — along with the characters who will appear in its sequels — was created by Latin Family Member Rowan Y in May 2017. Rowan had been learning Latin the Tres Columnae Way for a few weeks when he wrote this story; with the exception of a few added macrons / long marks, it appears exactly as he wrote it.

De Personis: Familia Helvia familiam Vipsaniae visitat

This is the second in a series of stories about Turdus psittacus (and the human family that owns him) created by Latin Family member Rowan Y beginning in June 2017.  It appears exactly as he submitted it.

De Personis: Turdus psittacus valde esurit

This is the third contribution by Latin Family member Rowan Y., with minor edits by his teacher Rachel L.  It appears exactly as they submitted it in July 2017.

De Personis: Demetria Bos

This story was inspired and requested by Latin Family member Scarlet and her stuffed cow Demeter in May 2017.

De Personis: Acer erinaceus domum quaerit

This story-sequence about Acer the hedgehog and his familia was requested — and partly developed — by Latin Family member Scarlet P. in July 2017.