The Tres Columnae Project is all about stories!  As a visitor, you can read our publicly available Fabellae (little stories) and Fabulae Longae (longer stories, which will introduce you to several Roman families.  As a subscriber, you have access to other “stuff,” too.  When you subscribe, you can also see

  • “quid novī” explanations about Latin grammatical concepts
  • various exercises where you can check and test your understanding
  • questions that help make sure you understand the stories
  • some special bonus content created by subscribers, for subscribers.

But the best part is that when you subscribe, you can create your own stories about these families … and you can even create your own families (or other characters), develop stories about them, bring in the “core” or “existing” characters, and publish your stories right here on the Tres Columnae Project site.

Please click here for the Table of Contents for Lectionēs I – XIV, or click here for the overview of Lectiō Prīma, or click here to start reading the very first story.