Stories through Lectio XIV

This is the first page of the complete Table of Contents for all the Lectiōnēs of the Tres Columnae Project.  As we continue to grow, new stories and new Lectiōnēs will frequently be added.

  • In Lectiō Prīma, we discover the city of Herculaneum and meet the (rather wealthy) Valerius family.
  • In Lectiō Secunda, we meet the (very poor) Lollius family.
  • In Lectiō Tertia, we meet the (very wealthy) Caelius family and the (not very wealthy) Quinctius family.
  • In Lectiō Quarta, we meet the (extremely wealthy) Flavius Caeso family and watch the various families (and their pets) prepare for their day.
  • In Lectiō Quinta, we see a salutatio ceremony and learn a few things about Roman education.
  • In Lectiō Sexta, the boys are preparing for their first day of school.
  • In Lectiō Septima, the boys (and their paedagogi) are on their way to school … and someone gets in trouble.
  • In Lectiō Octāva, the boys (and their paedagogi) meet their teacher, Fabius.
  • In Lectiō Nōna, one (very naughty) boy gets in trouble at school.
  • In Lectiō Decima, the boys return home from their first day of school … and someone makes an unfortunate (and incorrect) assumption.
  • In Lectiō Undecima, the boys prepare to go back to school … and preparations are made for a rather disastrous party.
  • In Lectiō Duodecima, school is closed for a celebration … and someone has a terrible dream.
  • In Lectiō Tertiadecima, there are gladiator fights … and a secret is revealed.
  • In Lectiō Quartadecima, preparations are made for a wedding.
  • In (optional) Lectiō Quartadecima Sēmis, a mystery is revealed.

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