I.3 Partes Orationis

You’ve probably noticed some ways that Latin is similar to English, and to other languages you may know. You’ve probably also noticed some ways that Latin is very different. One big similarity is that Latin has words for people, places, animals, and things, and it also has words for actions. English speakers call these nouns (people, places, animals, and things) and verbs(actions and “is”-type words). The Latin terms are nōmen and verbum. When you learn English grammar, you also learn about adjectives, which are words that describe nouns (like “big” or “beautiful” or “angry” or “Roman”). But when Valerius, Caelia, and our other characters were alive, Romans did not realize that adjectives were different from nouns – they called them both nōmen.

On our scale from 1-5, how comfortable do you feel with the idea of nōmen and verbum?