As the stories begin in Lectiō Prīma, we find ourselves in the small Roman city of Herculaneum in the year AUC DCCCXXIII (823 years after the founding of Rome, according to the Romans, or what we would call A.D. 70 or 70 C.E.).

The stories in Lectiō XIV occur two years later, in AUC DCCCXXV or A.D. 72.  Valerius’ daughter Valeria, 12 years old in Lectiō Prīma, is now 14.  Lucius Valerius, Caius Lollius, and Cnaeus Caelius, who had just turned 8 years old in Lectiō Prīma, are now 10.  Lollia, who was about to celebrate her tenth birthday, is now 11, soon to be 12.  Caeliola, who was six years old, is now 8.

The stories in Lectiō XXIII occur two years later, in AUC DCCCXXVII or A.D. 74.  Valeria is now 16, about to be married; Lucius, Caius, and Cnaeus are 12; Lollia is about to celebrate her fourteenth birthday; and Caeliola is 10.

The stories in Lectiō XXVIII occur two years later, in AUC DCCCXXIX or A.D. 76.  Lucius, Caius, and Cnaeus celebrate their fourteenth birthdays and are officially declared to be iuvenēs, nōn puerī.  Valeria, now 18, is happily married, as is Lollia, now 16.  Caeliola is 12, and her family is starting to think about marriage arrangements.

The stories in Lectiō XXX occur three years later, in AUc DCCCXXII or A.D. 79.  Lucius, Caius, and Cnaeus are 17, and Caeliola is 15.  Everybody (except the people of Herculaneum, Pompeii, Stabiae, and Oplontis at the time!) knows what happened on August 24 of that year….