Welcome to the Latin Family, and welcome to our Joyful Learning Community where we build amazing things together. But you may be wondering about some important questions … questions like

WHY would I want to join the Latin family (or any Joyful Learning Community, for that matter) and

WHAT will I get out of joining the community and building the amazing things, and

WHO are the people in this Joyful Learning Community anyway, and

WHEN AND WHERE does the Community come together to build the amazing things, and last but certainly not least,

HOW does it all work? HOW do a bunch of strangers on the Internet turn into a Joyful Learning Community, and HOW do they build anything together, let alone a bunch of amazing things?

Come and see! And when you join us, you’ll be able to do some amazing things right away! You’ll

  • meet a lot of interesting characters (old, young, male, female, rich, poor, human, not-quite-human) who live in and around the Roman city of Herculaneum, just a few miles from the “extinct” volcano mōns Vesuvius
  • follow their adventures … and discover that you are painlessly learning Latin in the process
  • notice that you understand more and more about  the structure of Latin, and how it’s similar to (and different from) the structure of other languages you know
  • start using what you’ve learned to create your own characters and stories.

As a guest, we welcome you to read and enjoy the stories and “quid novī?” articles.  When you subscribe, you’ll also get a special surprise gift … but you’ll have to subscribe to find out about that!  And when you join one of our paid programs, you can share the characters and stories you’ve created. Someone might even put one of your characters or storylines into a featured story.

As a first-time guest, you’ll want to check out the Dramatis Personae, where you can meet our characters, and the Chronology, where you can find out when and where our stories take place. If you’re just starting out with Latin, feel free to explore the very first story … and the stories that follow, as many as you want. More advanced readers, please check out this story instead.

Welcome to the Joyful Learning Community!

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