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Learn Latin Joyfully


Learn Latin … joyfully? Whether you are a teacher, a student, or an independent learner of Latin, something about that promise might sound odd to you.  Traditional textbooks, with their endless charts, tables, exercises, and lists, promise to help you learn Latin thoroughly, but the experience isn’t likely to be pleasant.  Other approaches promise and deliver fun, but when you get to the end, you discover your understanding of the language and culture is incomplete.

Do we really have to choose between thorough but painful and pleasant but incomplete? Are those the only possible options?


At Tres Columnae, we reject both of these terrible options because we've found a better way. With joyful learning (and a joyful learning community to participate in) you should be able to learn thoroughly and pleasantly.  You should have fun while you develop a complete understanding of language and culture.  And you should be able to read and understand any Latin text you want, and even create and share your own.

Please click the link for Tres Columnae Stories to begin reading and exploring the Latin stories (and many other things) that we offer free to the world.