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Justin M. Schwamm, Jr., taught Latin in North Carolina public schools from 1992-2014.
In his classes (the "Physical Latin Family"), students were actively involved in listening, speaking, reading, and writing Latin -- but the focus had to be on the "receptive" skills (reading and listening), and there was never enough time for students to practice writing in Latin.  There was even less time for us to read, edit, and comment on each other's writing -- even though research shows that this type of "collaborative editing" is critical for developing writing skills in any language.
width="180" In 2008, a wise group of students said, "We really don't like textbooks. Couldn't we just create our own learning materials together?"  From that conversation came the inspiration for the Tres Columnae Project.  Along the way, Dr. Ann Martin became the Voice of Tres Columnae, and Lucy Martin brought our characters to life through her amazing illustrations.  In 2014, Mr. Schwamm left the "public school world," and by 2016 there were homeschooling families, Latin teachers, school-based programs, and independent learners all over the world learning Latin as part of our Joyful Learning Community.